Looking Forward To Lent

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I look forward to Lent. After the excitement, busyness, and sometimes overindulgence of Christmas, the coming of Lent promises something that is sorely needed in my life: 40 days in the desert with Jesus.
Lent is a time for quiet, prayer, fasting, and a refocus. A time to ready ourselves for […]

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Something to Read for Christmas

I’ve always loved this simple formula for gift-giving. With all the pressures of Christmas decorating, cooking, and activities, finding the perfect gift can seem overwhelming.
So if you’re looking to fulfill the “Something to Read” part of this formula, here’s a list of suggestions might help. This is by no means comprehensive, but a quick overview of a […]

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Are You Ready to Walk In Her Sandals?

“What if you could have been a witness to the events of the last days of Jesus’ life–walking with him as he entered Jerusalem, observing his crucifixion, and embracing him on Easter? What would you have thought and done? How would you have been changed?”
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Today […]

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