Walk In Her Sandals: Meet Huldah

James Tissot via Wikimedia Commons, showing Jesus and the disciples as they most likely ate, reclining on couches

Huldah is many things: A friend, a mother, a mother-in-law, a widow and a simple soul. She lives with her son, Ephraim and his wife Anah, doing the small tasks of her station in life with great love. Huldah’s generous heart goes out to her friend Miriam, who is caught between her two sons—James, who believes in Jesus, and Joses, who does not. Huldah offers to help James with the Passover meal for Miriam’s sake, but also to learn more of this man, Jesus, that all of Jerusalem is talking about.
Huldah’s prayer: As she added salt to the wheat flour, Huldah’s anticipation grew, and she forgot her aching feet. Miriam had told her so much of what Jesus had said and done. But was he really the Messiah? Most High God, open my eyes to see and my ears to hear.
Huldah encounters Jesus on Holy Thursday: 
excerpt from Walk In Her Sandals, Chapter 2
Huldah went to the fire and pulled out the hot bread, but she hardly felt the heat. As I have done for you, you should also do. She knew about serving others; it was her place to serve her son and her family, to cook and clean. Yet Jesus words seemed to elevate these small tasks. She felt as though everything she did, from washing to cleaning and changing little Benjamin’s soiled clothing, was suddenly worth more. She was worth more. How did so few words mean so much to her? Is this what Miriam meant—that Jesus seemed to speak to her very heart? . . . She pondered Jesus words. Yes, she wasn’t as quick of mind as Anah or as wise as Miriam. Yet, when he spoke her heart quickened and she could understand his words in a way she had never known before. And she wanted to hear more.

What words of Jesus’ quicken your heart and inspire you to want more? Tell me in the comments below.

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