Looking Forward To Lent

The Living Water Series (click to order)


I look forward to Lent. After the excitement, busyness, and sometimes overindulgence of Christmas, the coming of Lent promises something that is sorely needed in my life: 40 days in the desert with Jesus.

Lent is a time for quiet, prayer, fasting, and a refocus. A time to ready ourselves for the coming mystery and joy of The Resurrection.

I try to do three things every Lent:

  1. Give something up: it doesn’t have to be something big (like coffee) but something that will remind me each day that this is the time in the desert.
  2. Do something new: something that brings me closer to Jesus like going to daily mass, visiting the nursing home every Saturday, or spending time in silence each afternoon.
  3. Read something good: The Bible is always a good choice, as are stories of the Saints, a good devotional or commentary, or even good fiction!

What do you do for Lent? Tell me how you meet Jesus in the desert in the comments below.


Are you looking for something to read for Lent? Consider The Living Water Series or Walk In Her Sandals, Experiencing Christ’s Passion Through the Eyes of Women:

Each book of The Living Water Series is the story of women encountering Jesus during his ministry, passion, death and resurrection.

The Well (click to order)

The Well is a story of sacrificial love. The Samaritan woman at the well meets Jesus and is transformed, but the story of her daughter, Mara, is just beginning. Does encountering Jesus mean getting a happily-ever-after ending, or will her belief in the Messiah lead Mara to a heartbreaking decision?


The Thief (click to order)

The Thief as a story of mercy: A Jewish girl and a Roman centurion witness a miracle and are drawn into the events of the passion and crucifixion of Jesus. Nissa and Longinous—both damaged souls looking for healing—must decide what to believe about Jesus. How can he save them, when he can’t even save himself?


The Tomb, A Novel of Martha (click to order)

The Tomb: Is a surprising story of Martha. How is Martha of Bethany transformed from the sister who is ‘worried and anxious about many things’ to the woman who goes to meet Jesus on the road even after her brother has died and says to him, “even now, I know that whatever you ask of God, He will give you.”



Walk In Her Sandals, Experiencing Christ’s Passion through the Eyes of Women (click to order)

Pray in a new and creative way this Lent with Walk In Her Sandals. Join ten women authors on a journey through Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection. What if you could have been a witness to the events of the last days of Jesus’ life–walking with him as he entered Jerusalem, observing his crucifixion, and embracing him on Easter? What would you have thought and done? How would you have been changed?

Join the online book club reading Walk In Her Sandals for Lent. More info HERE.

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