Kids, Cats, and the First Day of School

Every year, Labor Day camping log-jams right up against the first day of school, leaving me loads of laundry, piles of paperwork, and well behind on my writing schedule. Therefore, in lieu of a blog post, I give you instead a few family snapshots of the end of summer and the beginning of the school year for the Landsem family.

Labor day reading

Last day of summer. Anne, Laura, me.

I’ve been camping with my friends Anne Greenwood Brown and Laura Sobiech every Labor Day for ten years. In the last three years, Anne has published a trilogy of young adult novels, I’ve published The Well and am working on two more novels, and Laura is contracted for a memoir set to release next Spring. Who would have thought we three friends all had books in us, waiting to be written?

Andy and Joey leave for school

Andy and Joey, first day of school

Pictures were beneath the dignity of my boys as they left for school this morning. Andy is a senior in high school and Joey is going off to 9th grade in a new junior high. This was the only picture I was able to snap as they roared down the driveway.






Anna, my 7th grader, was ready for her penultimate year at her elementary school. Her sister, Rachel, sent me a selfie taken in her college dorm room as she started her sophomore year.

And so, alone and a little bereft, I settled down to to catch up on my writing. What with marketing The Well, making final changes to The Thief, and writing The Tomb, the third book in the Living Water series, I had plenty to do. Instead, I had some very lonely and persistent cats to deal with…


Linus plunked himself down atop my plotting book — appropriately titled Save The Cat — and demanded my full attention.


Lucky parked in the research department of my desk and wouldn’t leave until he had received a sufficient amount of petting and a promise of food.

I did eventually get some work done.

What about you? Are you ready for summer to be over? What is your school day routine?
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